Plans for nearly 150 homes on the outskirts of a Wiltshire town have been dismissed over fears they would cause 100 years of problems.

Developers Bloor Homes appealed to the planning inspectorate after failing to gain consent from Wiltshire Council for schemes on two sites at Filands, on the edge of Malmesbury.

Outline planning permission had already been granted for these developments, but concerns were raised by the town council about the quality of the detailed plans that were subsequently submitted.

In August Wiltshire Council refused plans for 71 dwellings and new public open spaces on the land south of Filands, citing the quality of the design and layout as a reason.

They failed to provide a decision on an application for 69 homes and a nursery on the second site, at Filands Road and Jenner Lane, prompting an appeal from Bloor Homes over both applications.

But this appeal has now been dismissed and, while outline planning permission has already been given, approval has not been granted for the current plans at either location.

In his decision notice, planning inspector Paul Jackson ruled that the northern parcel would have been “significantly cramped” due to the design, while parking arrangements would pose “considerable hazards.”

He added: “The disadvantages of the proposal would last 100 years or more and significantly and demonstrably outweigh the benefits.”

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: t the Bloor Home site in Filands, Malmesbury, l-r: Mayor Cllr Gavin Grant, with fellow MalmesburyDuring the appeal process, Bloor Homes maintained that the proposals were of “sufficiently high-quality design that meets relevant policy.”

They added that any shortcomings would be outweighed by the benefits of delivering such a large batch of new homes given a “shortfall” in housing numbers.

The town council has claimed the decision as a victory, and they believe it will send a message that only the best-designed developments will be approved in the area.

Cllr Campbell Ritchie, a planning committee member and former mayor, said: “Thanks to our intervention, we have made sure the adjacent developments will be properly master-planned, with a lower density of higher quality, more energy efficient homes.

“I think we have set a new bar. Just because houses have been approved to be built the Inspector has confirmed that developers cannot put in any old application and expect to see them agreed.

“As he rightly said in his decision, the consequences of poor development last for over a hundred years. New houses have to be well-designed, sustainable, and work for the people of Malmesbury.

“We’re not being Nimby, we will engage with developers, but we want quality development.”