Scammers in Melksham tried to take £7,000 from an elderly woman, by disguising themselves as gutter cleaners.

The group of men claiming to be gutter cleaners attended a property in the village of Great Hinton, just outside of Melksham, on Thursday, October 19.

The “suspicious” men arrived at 2.30pm and tried to take advantage of an elderly woman by telling her that they would fix her roof for £7,000 – but asking for £4,000 upfront.

After the elderly woman became concerned about this immediate demand for money, she called a family member who then alerted the police.

The group of men promptly left the scene.

However, detectives from Melksham Police’s Burglary Unit are now urging residents to be on high alert.

A spokesperson for the burglary unit has described the event as a “suspicious incident” and the police appear to be concerned that the village scammers may strike again.