A new skincare clinic claiming to ‘change the face of acne’ is coming to Wiltshire.

Opening at the end of November, The Skin Investment Clinic will be located on The Green in Marlborough and will offer medical treatment for all skin concerns, including a specialist treatment for acne and acne scars.

The clinic was first set up in Farnham by founder Holly Mason, after she struggled to find effective, long-lasting treatment for the acne she suffered as a teen.

Ms Mason, who has since published a book about Acne treatment and built up a five-star reputation at her clinic, says she cannot wait to bring her skin treatment clinic to Marlborough.

She hopes the new clinic can become one of the go-to places in Wiltshire for help with acne and scarring, as well as pigmentation, eczema, anti-ageing and dermatology such as mole checks and removal of skin tags, milia and warts.

“Having suffered with acne for 20 years, I know first-hand the physical and mental impact unresolved skin conditions can have,” said Ms Mason.

“We see clients, especially teenagers, who are so low because of their acne. For some, it’s really life-limiting, they don’t like to go out or socialise because they are so self-conscious of their skin.

“It can make people feel embarrassed and ashamed, and avoid social situations or activities because they don’t want people to see their skin.

“That’s why the Skin Investment Clinic is on a mission to resolve people’s skincare concerns, and the tried and tested acne treatment programme is a holistic approach to treating acne and achieves phenomenal results, helping change lives,” she added.

The new clinic on The Green in Marlborough is the third clinic that Ms Mason has opened and will be completely doctor-led.

Millie, a former client of The Skin Investment Clinic who was keen to share her experience, said:

“My acne was at its worst 9 months ago and now, you would barely be able to tell that I had severe acne.

It has completely cleared up and stayed away, something I just couldn't imagine at the time. I was in the best hands.”

Although it is on the 1st floor of 1, The Green, which does not have a lift, customers with mobility issues are urged to call ahead before booking so that they can be accommodated.