Wiltshire residents are being warned to get their raincoats out and take care on the roads, as heavy rain, strong winds and lightning are set to sweep through the town.

Storm Babet will hit Wiltshire later on Wednesday as disruptive rainfall moves in from the south, and continues until the weekend.

It comes as a red weather warning was issued for parts of Scotland, with the Met Office warning there is "high confidence in exceptional rainfall falling" south of Aberdeen.

Met Office spokesman Stephen Dixon said: “A disruptive period of weather is on the way.

“There are some high totals (of rain) which have the potential to disrupt travel plans and the possibility of power cuts, as well as the obvious risk of flooding."

The heavy band of rain is set to hit region late on Wednesday evening, during the evening commute.

The Met Office forecast suggests Wiltshire will be hit with heavy rain from 3pm until 10pm.

The latest hour-by-hour forecast for the next few days in Swindon is as follows:


6AM to 12PM – Highs of 11° with a 50 per cent chance of rain. Temperatures will feel like 8°.

12PM to 3PM – Highs of 12°, but with a heavy downpour expected at 3pm which will continue for the rest of the day.

3PM to 9PM – Highs of 12° and constant stormy weather, with over 95 per cent chance of rain all afternoon.

9PM to 12AM – Highs of 13°. Rain will continue throughout the night but will be less heavy than the afternoon downpour.


12AM to 6AM – Highs of 15° and chances of the occasional shower.

6AM to 12PM - Highs of 16° and sunny with a 30 per cent chance of showers.

12PM to 8PM - Highs of 17° but temperatures will drop as the day goes on. Thunder, lightning and rain are expected to hit at 1pm and continue until 7pm.

8PM to 12AM – Highs of 14°. Showers will ease between 8 and 9pm ready for a dry night.


12AM to 1PM – Highs of 13° and chances of drizzle.

1PM to 7PM – Highs of 14° with heavy rain throughout the afternoon.

7PM to 12AM – Highs of 10°. Heavy rain will continue until 8pm and then ease off to just a light drizzle.