A Wiltshire town’s major health centre has warned only emergency appointments are available due to “unprecedented levels of staff sickness.”

The Malmesbury Primary Care Centre say high levels of staff sickness have reduced the number and type of appointments they are able to offer for the remainder of Wednesday, October 18.

During this time only patients with urgent conditions which cannot wait until tomorrow will be able to access appointments at the GP surgery.

Those with less urgent illnesses have been advised to see a pharmacist.

The surgery is the largest health care service in Malmesbury and serves a large number of patients within the town.

In a statement on Facebook a spokesperson for the care centre explained the situation and thanked patients for their understanding.

They said: “Please note that due to unprecedented levels of staff sickness we are only able to provide emergency appointments today - these are for urgent conditions that cannot wait until tomorrow.

“For minor illnesses including cold and flu like symptoms please consider seeing a pharmacist.

“Thank you for your understanding.”