Locals have been sharing their thoughts on Royal Wootton Bassett's new ‘wonky' car wash.

Wayne Munnelly, who opened the Carbana car wash on Friday, October 13, said he wanted his new car wash to “stand out from the crowd and make car washing different in more ways than one.”

“Our intention was to design a car wash that shifts the boundaries of what is logical, and provides something eccentric. One truly cannot miss it,” the former managing director of IMO Car Wash Group added.

But if the design was chosen to get people talking, then it has certainly done the job. The eye-catching car wash has caused a buzz among locals and passersby who have spotted it from Swindon Road.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: The car wash was designed to be 'out of the box.'The car wash was designed to be 'out of the box.' (Image: Carbana)

“Looks like someone forgot to bring the spirit level on the crucial day,” Neil Webb said

“I drove past it and honestly thought they were taking it down,” added Keeley Gray.

Others joked that the structure was a classic case of the ‘I eyeballed it’ mistake.

The new Carbana carwash on the Coped Hall site includes a four-bay self-serve car wash, a dog wash, and a self-use laundromat which includes two washing machines and a large dryer.

But despite all of its impressive features, the new business has been branded as the ‘wonky car wash’ across social media.

“Be quick before it fully sinks to the ground,” wrote Paul Kinnett on Facebook.

“I just can’t imagine how arranging structural elements in new ways is any benefit to washing your car,” added Heidi Newnham.

“But if it’s better than the poor quality, broken one in Swindon then I’m all for it.”

Jen Rollinson pointed out it's an important asset to the Royal Wootton Bassett community.

She said: "If my washer decides to break on me again, it'll be better than walking down the High Street when I live right next to Aldi."

UK residents can expect to see more of these ‘wonky’ looking car washes popping up across the country, as the Carbana company promises this is only the beginning.

“Royal Wootton Bassett is our first location,” Mr Munnelly added.

“We will also be starting the build on our second site in Northamptonshire, and eventually we plan to roll this across the UK and have 100 locations."