After a number of anti-social behaviour reports in Marlborough's parks, councillors have decided that enough is enough.

In August 2023, there were four reports of criminal behaviour at Salisbury Road Recreation Ground in Marlborough, according to data from Street Checker.

Two of these reports were classed as criminal damage and arson, one as violence and sexual offences, and one as anti-social behaviour.

It follows two other reports of anti-social behaviour in the park the month before.

The prevalence of crime here has not gone unnoticed by Marlborough Town Council, which noted ‘minor criminality’ at the Salisbury Road Recreation Ground in its amenities and open spaces committee meeting on October 9.

Alongside shoplifting incidents at Hilliers Yard, anti-social behaviour in parks is far and away the biggest cause of crime in the area.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Salisbury Road Recreation Park is quickly becoming a hotspot for anti-social behaviour.Salisbury Road Recreation Park is quickly becoming a hotspot for anti-social behaviour. (Image: GoogleMaps)

Town councillors are coming together to figure out exactly what they can do to tackle the issue.

The amenities and open spaces committee has decided on eight new measures they would like to put in place, so here's how Marlborough's parks could be changing:

Additional CCTV cameras and improved lighting

In its next full council meeting, Marlborough Town Council will discuss the installation of additional CCTV cameras to reduce the amount of anti-social behaviour.

If successfully installed, these cameras will cover all aspects of the Community and Youth Centre external boundaries, particularly the aspect facing the field.

Better lighting was also discussed, to improve the visibility of crimes.

New barrier

The entrance to the Community and Youth Centre car park at the Recreation Ground currently just has a manual gate, but councillors believe that installing a technology-operated barrier could deter people from entering the park at inappropriate hours.

Replacing bins

The committee would like to replace the existing bin at Salisbury Road Recreation Ground with a more robust bin that is within view of CCTV.

Youth council and partnership

Setting up a youth council to represent the experience of young people using the Recreation Ground is hoped to improve communication between the community’s young people and Marlborough Town Council.

The council have also suggested an improved partnership with police, schools and youth service providers.

All of these proposed ideas that have been agreed on by Marlborough Town Council’s amenities and open spaces committee will now be put to the full council for approval.

Marlborough Town Council has been approached for further comment on the matter, but has yet to respond.