An idyllic Cornish village owned by the Marlborough College Trust has been sold for millions after a long battle over its future.

Picturesque and medieval Trevalga - billed as the county's 'last undeveloped coastal hamlet' - was left  by Gerald Curgenven in his will to Marlborough College in 1959 with an instruction to "preserve it" and not break it up.

Angry locals initially claimed that the sale of the village was in breach of the wishes of former owner.

Now though Trevalga has been sold by the college trust, despite villagers' fears that they might be evicted by a property firm.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Locals said their village was 'not for sale'.Locals said their village was 'not for sale'. (Image: SWNS)

Barry Jordan, Conservative Camelford and Boscastle councillor, said he believes the estate had been sold for just under £16 million to the William Pears Group, a major financing and real estate group founded by the billionaire Pears family.

Speaking to The Express, he said: "I fully support the residents of Trevalga and will monitor everything that is happening in the village.

“We have to be very vigilant. I hope that they will update the properties and not try and use some of the land for new builds."

A spokesperson for Marlborough College told the Gazette and Herald: "The sale is being handled by the trustees and has nothing to do with the college.

"I can only refer you to Savills, who is liaising with trustees."

But the proceeds from the sale could go to Marlborough College, where Princess of Wales Kate Middleton studies, as the last private owner dictated that estate income should go to his old school.

Marlborough College has been contacted for further comment.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Gerald Curgenven left Trevalga in his will to Marlborough College.Gerald Curgenven left Trevalga in his will to Marlborough College. (Image: PA)

In a statement on behalf of the trustees, estate agents Savills said: "The trustees of the Gerald Curgenven Will Trust confirm the sale of the Estate of the Manor of Trevalga in North Cornwall to Castle Lane Securities Ltd, which is part of the William Pears Group."

"The trustees have explored thoroughly the future of the estate within the trust structure that binds them and have concluded it is time for there to be a new owner not so constrained."

The news of the sale follows over a year of disputes between sellers and members of the community, in what has been dubbed the 'Battle of Trevalga'.

Cornish locals fought back against the sale of one of the last coastal communities in Britain that is untouched by second homes.