The post office in Royal Wootton Bassett town centre has different opening times and a new entrance, as it gets set to accommodate a banking hub.

The changes came into force on October 2 and mean the post office will no longer sell newspapers or sweets.

Wiltshire councillor Allison Bucknell said: “I am thrilled to see preparations taking place to welcome a new banking hub to the town.

"The existing post office has relocated its entrance to around the side which now takes you directly to the post office counter and will continue to offer the same range of services as before (including the photo booth)."

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Royal Wootton Bassett's post office are running on new opening hours.Royal Wootton Bassett's post office are running on new opening hours. (Image: Allison Bucknell)

This news shouldn't come as a surprise for Royal Wootton Bassett residents as plans for this banking hub have been in progress since September 2022.

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New banking hubs operate in a similar way to bank branches, but their services are shared. Banks provide staff on rotation so that trained specialists from different banks are available on different days.

"With the loss of the last bank last year, the new banking hub will provide much-needed, face-to-face access to cash and banking for local residents and businesses," said Cllr Bucknell.

"I am optimistic that once up and running, the hub will be better than what we had before as it is shared between a number of different High Street banks.”

But not all Royal Wootton Bassett locals are as excited about the transition with concerns raised about the accessibility of the new entrance.

“The door doesn’t look wide enough for wheelchair access,” said Rhona Jack, in reaction to the news.

“I hope we still get the front window for local displays, but not holding my breath as the lady there warned me we might lose it,” added Teresa Mccue in the Community Facebook group.

The post office will now be open from 8.30am-5.30pm on Monday to Friday. It will also open 8.30am-1pm on Saturdays and remain closed completely on Sundays.

Royal Wootton Bassett Town Council has been approached for a comment on the change.