Famous Youtuber Zoe (Zoella) Sugg and her brother Joe say they were ‘proper nerds’ during their time at Corsham School.

Miss Sugg began filming makeup tutorials 14 years ago at her family home in Lacock, where she attended The Corsham School.

Her brother, fellow Youtuber and Strictly star Joe Sugg, also attended the Corsham School from 2003-2010, before taking on an apprenticeship as a roof thatcher.

The celeb siblings, who have more than 18 million subscribers between them, recently took to YouTube to look back at old school reports and reflect on their time at Corsham School.

“I was like a proper nerd up until year nine,” said Joe Sugg.

The 32-year-old could not believe it when he heard he was described as having a ‘lacklustre start’ in Media Studies A-level in his 2009 school report.

“A lacklustre start? Who said that, was it Ms Basley or Mrs White? You were my favourite as well, Ms Basley,” Joe joked.

Ms Louise Basley is still listed on the Corsham School website as a teacher of English, although it is not confirmed that this is the same teacher that the Strictly star is referring to.

“She was probably right. The problem was I didn’t like all the writing stuff. In Media studies, I just wanted to get out there and make zombie movies,” Joe added.

Since competing in the finals of Strictly Come Dancing and taking to the West End stage, Joe now creates artwork and comic strips in his countryside home.

Reflecting back on how the school shaped his artwork, he also added:

“In A-level, I did a project on Banksy that was put on the wall of R block. It might’ve gone by now, but I left a long-lasting impression on that school with my artwork.”

For YouTube sensation Zoe Sugg, who has just recently announced she is pregnant with her second child, it was PE where she was surprised to have excelled.

“I was actually good at badminton and I really liked it.

“But everyone just imagine this… me doing the high jump,” laughed Zoe who is five foot three.

“My problem was I was way too chatty at GCSE. I still do that now really bad when we have meetings,” added the star, who began her career talking to a camera.

Discussing their weirdest memories of the Corsham School, Joe revealed how his shoe was once thrown out of a Maths classroom window.

“I just remember my head of year saying ‘why are you walking around with one shoe on?” he laughed.