MOre than a dozen people have been banned from a Wiltshire town centre supermarket in an effort to crack down on shoplifting.

16 people have received banning orders from the Co-op after concerns were raised about theft from the chain’s Corsham branch in the Martingate Shopping Centre.

Police have recently been working with a number of retail outlets in the shopping centre as they attempt to stamp out shoplifting in the area.

This work has led to banning orders being handed out to reduce offending.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Staff and police outside the Corsham Co-op storeStaff and police outside the Corsham Co-op store (Image: Wiltshire Police)The Corsham Neighbourhood Team emphasised that they would continue to work with stores to protect them from crime.

In a statement on Facebook, a spokesperson for the force said: “The Corsham Neighbourhood Policing Team have been working with retail outlets in the Martingate shopping centre, Corsham, to reduce shoplifting.

“Local officers will be continuing to work alongside our local shops and their staff to detect and deal with shoplifting.”