Residents have complained flooding issues and a broken lift are plaguing a £1 million project at a Wiltshire train station.

The huge scheme to make Chippenham train station accessible from both sides, by turning the pedestrian footbridge and adding another lift on the northern side of the platforms, was completed in July.

But now customers hoping to use the lift and pedestrians using the bridge have faced several issues due to the recent bad weather.

The revamped stairway has been the subject of “flooding” following heavy rainfall, while a notice on the new lift warns it is currently out of service after a “significant amount of water” got into the motor room.

Residents have been frustrated at the issues that have followed such a significant investment into the station.

One person who attempted to cross the bridge said: “The new rail station lift still doesn't work due to water getting into the motor room and the new staircase turns into a huge puddle to splash through as water has nowhere to drain - that's going to be an ice rink in winter.”

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: The footbridge at Chippenham train stationThe footbridge at Chippenham train station (Image: Public contribution)Cllr Liz Alstrom, the representative for Chippenham Hardens and Central, was also frustrated the problems were not anticipated.

Speaking on Facebook she said: “I really don't get how things like that are not considered in the first instance.

“It would save a considerable amount of time, money and effort just to do it right the first time.”

Work is now due to commence in the coming weeks to repair issues with both the bridge and the lift.

GWR confirmed it is responsible for the water pooling on the footbridge and is aware of the flooding.

A spokesperson told this paper that contractors had been contacted and are due to return to fix the issue, which should be resolved within the next few weeks.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: The footbridge at Chippenham train stationThe footbridge at Chippenham train station (Image: Public contribution)Meanwhile Network Rail has apologised for any inconvenience caused by the damage to the lift and revealed that engineers are working to solve the issue.

A spokesperson said: “We’re sorry for the temporary closure of the north car park lift to the footbridge at Chippenham station.

“Our engineers are currently working to rectify the issue. Step-free access is available from the front of the station, but we apologise for any inconvenience caused and will get the lift back into service as soon as possible.”

When fully operational, the six-figure project was intended to provide step-free access from both sides of the station while new disabled car parking spaces and cycling facilities were also installed.