Sand from beneath the pavement in Royal Wootton Bassett has spilled out on to the street and across several roads.

The source of the sand appears to be coming from Hart Close, however this has now flowed on to Station Road, near to Royal Wootton Bassett’s fire station.

It comes after thunderstorms and heavy rain hit the area overnight, with just over a month's worth falling in the space of an hour.

The river of sand was first spotted at around 6am on Monday, September 18, by Royal Wootton Bassett local Allison Bucknell.

“I walked down there in the dark this morning and there was sand everywhere, all across the road and flowing into the pavement. I was scratching my head for a while as to where it was coming from,” said Allison.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: The sand took over the road on Hart Close, affecting cars and pedestrians crossing.The sand took over the road on Hart Close, affecting cars and pedestrians crossing. (Image: Hannah Carter)Hannah Carter, who also spotted the incident, later shared photos to social media, and said: “There’s damage to the cobbles on Hart Close with the sand then running into Station Road. It's very unstable walking down there towards the crossing.

“I looked out and it was like a river,” she said.

The incident is believed to have been caused by the volume of rain overnight, which has pushed drain covers up and released sand from beneath the cobbles.

“I don’t think the drains could cope,” Hannah added.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: The sand appears to have come from under the pavement on Hart Close.The sand appears to have come from under the pavement on Hart Close. (Image: Hannah Carter)Currently, traffic in the area appears to be unaffected, but the broken pavement has created an issue for pedestrians and drivers.

"The entire stretch of cobbles from the top to the bottom have had all the sand washed out, it’s a huge hazard to drive on as cobbles are sinking, others are raised - it’s a right mess," said Dan Trudgian.

Some residents are now speculating that the river of sand and broken stones may be linked to a loud bang which was heard in the same area.

"My partner and I heard a massive strike hit something just after midnight. We're on the Dairy estate and we've never heard anything like it, even he jumped out his skin,” said Lucy Longhurst-Milham.

“It must have been something hit because the sound was awful and the flash was stupidly bright.”

“I thought something had exploded,” said Becca Mcinerney.

Residents on Noremarsh Road, Da Vinci Walk and Brynards Hill have also reported hearing the same loud noise, however it has not been confirmed that this is linked to the sand flowing down Royal Wootton Bassett’s streets.

Councillor Richard Clewer, Leader of Wiltshire Council has said:

“We are aware a large sand deposit in Royal Wootton Basset which we believe to have been caused by a water leak.

"We have dispatched a road sweeper to clear the sand and reported the damage to Thames Water.”