Patrolling police officers were given a scare after they were stared down by a loose bull in Wiltshire.

Members of the Malmesbury Neighbourhood Policing Team made a shock discovery when they came across a loose bull on the side of the road that appeared to have escaped from its field.

A picture posted on Facebook showed the intimidating looking animal staring back at officers.

But while some may have run from the danger, police made the brave decision to round up the bull and escort it back home.

They were able to do so without trouble after he decided to “comply” before alerting the farmer of the incident.

After their heroics, officers were also treated to the sight of newborn calves to cap off an eventful patrol.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: One of the recently born calvesOne of the recently born calves (Image: Wiltshire Police)Taking to Facebook, one of the officers involved said: “They always say that no two days are the same in policing and too right they are, some things just present themselves in front of you.

“We assisted this bull very carefully back into his field and visited the local farmer to let him know, this is when we saw the beautiful calves that have recently been born.

“I’m glad the bull decided to comply.”