Members of the Wiltshire Camping and Caravanning Club took a trip down memory lane at the weekend.

They held a rally at East Farm, near the Avebury stones, where the club held its first rally 50 years ago in September 1973.

Members were invited join other campers and caravanners at the Gourmet Goat Farmer in Avebury on Saturday and reminisce on years gone by. A memory book in which members could write stories or memories was available.

Wiltshire District Association secretary Becky Laing said: “We are at Avebury to celebrate the DA where it all began 50 years ago.

“We are fortunate to have a few founding members but only one that still camps regularly."

One of the club’s members, Becky’s father Glenn Luscombe, 86, was at the inaugural meet and loves to share memories of past meets.

Mr Luscombe said: “I started camping when I married my late wife Ann, her parents were campers, it’s in my blood now. Many friends are long gone but I continue to make friends.

“Camping is a nice, stress less weekend with friends, whatever the weather,  I remember once at a meet, we used to camp in circle, we did back then to signify that everyone is equal and accepted.

“We were having a communal BBQ, and it started raining but we just carried on and people ran to us with umbrellas so we just carried on in high spirits, I’m sure drink was involved.

“As a DA we had fun, we would join in local carnivals, go to bigger meets like the National Feast of Lanterns and light up our vans or stage DA streets where everyone would decorate their vans following a theme.

“I remember leading on such carnival parade wearing a pink tutu, where and why escapes me but I remember it was lots of fun.

“A memorable tale that was consigned to history was the time we held a tramps’ supper, anyway, a few of us went into a nearby pub and I was refused service, I was too convincing!

“I also attended a few weddings dressed as a Lucky Chimney Sweep.”

The WiltsDA rally took place on Saturday and Sunday.