Residents will have an opportunity to discover several secret locations opening up in a Wiltshire town for one day only.

Chippenham’s Heritage Open Day will see a range of areas usually off limits to the public open up on Saturday, September 16.

The day’s programme includes guided tours of secret locations in the historical Neeld and Town Hall, such as the Mayor’s Parlour.

There will also be a behind-the-scenes look inside the Chippenham Museum and guided tours of the former King’s Head House, which is now in use as Bargammon’s Tavern board game cafe.

Newer buildings such as The Arc and the modernist house and annex on Victoria Place will be open for exploration as well.

Chippenham’s Heritage Quarter will also be on show, and attendees will have the chance to admire the area’s architecture, museums, galleries, art spaces, theatres and leisure facilities.

Heritage Open Day is the country’s largest festival and sees several free events launch nationwide.

As well as tours of several notable locations throughout the town, visitors will also be treated to a pedestal performance by Louise Jordan as Queen Mary I which will be playing throughout the day in the Buttercross.