A pop/soul twin duo from Swindon who shot to fame when they performed on BBC One’s Little Mix The Search in 2020 could be about to appear in a Netflix show.

Billy & Louie released their debut EP Manifesting on Friday (September 15) and have been noticed by the likes of Meghan Trainer, Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera.

Three years on from their big break the twins, who have just released their debut EP ‘Manifesting’, sat down with the Adver to chat about celeb support, a major Netflix debut, and how they stay true to their Swindon roots.

“This EP is the first ever big body of work we’ve made,” said Billy, one half of the Swindon duo.

“There's six songs on the EP and we started the whole process recording with multi-platinum producer Darren Martyn in January.

“We had never worked with a producer before on our other singles, so when Darren reached out we were slightly dubious at first," Billy explained.

The new EP has been described by the boys as “more pop-y” than their previous singles, but still with the R&B and soul vibe that they are known for.

“It definitely sounds different to our singles and I think each song is more relatable because there were three of us in the studio and three different perspectives,” explained Louie.

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Working with Darren is not the twin’s first experience with the stars though.

“Since being on BBC 1 with Little Mix we've been recognised on social media by a few big names. We've got the support of Meghan Trainer which is really nice and both Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera commented on one of our posts,” said Billy.

“We message with Little Mix quite a lot, and even though they're not together anymore, they still make time for us which is really lovely," added Louie.

But despite catching the attention of some big names, Billy and Louie could not be more humble and were very quick to mention their Swindon roots.

“I do think we owe quite a lot of it to Swindon and Wiltshire really,” said Billy.

“We were probably about seven when we first started singing. Louie started the trend first when he sang a bit of Celine Dion at our auntie's wedding.

“The turning point was when we won a national radio competition in 2017, and the radio station that catapulted us into everything was Swindon 105.5,” he added.

“We try and still stay as connected to Wiltshire as possible. Our latest music video was filmed in Old Town and our EP launch was in Wroughton.

"One of the Wiltshire choirs that we run is even on the lead single No Good For Each Other doing a gospel section. So it's a very personal EP for us.”

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: It's been a busy year of firsts for the twins, as they release their first EP and have starred in their first film.It's been a busy year of firsts for the twins, as they release their first EP and have starred in their first film. (Image: Samantha Lee Noakes)

Not only have Billy & Louie released a new EP, but the duo leaked news to The Adver that they may soon be back on our screens in a Netflix film.

"I don't know how much I can say, but we played a little cameo role as twins, which was hilarious,” said Louie.

“The cast is really cool and there's some great British actors in there. I hope it's going to come out this year on Netflix."

Swindon residents wanting to catch this local duo live, can go to their headline rhythm and blues show at the Arts Centre on January 12, 2024.

Manifesting, their debut EP, is now available on streaming platforms, and you can find out more about the twins’ upcoming gigs here.