A Wiltshire headteacher has been left “frustrated” at the lack of action to reduce the “dangerous” speed limit outside her school.

Corsham Primary School’s Broadwood site sits next to the B3109 Bradford Road which is currently a 50mph route despite running between a school and a residential estate.

Headteacher Kerry Parker warned this is not an appropriate speed limit for the area and could put her pupils’ welfare at risk.

She said: “The first concern is safety, a large number of children and families cross that road at least twice a day and we see cars, behaving legally, coming around two bends very quickly.

“We have families caught in the middle on the traffic island between cars passing at 50mph which is not conducive to anyone’s wellbeing.

“Over the last two years we’ve had two collisions right outside the gates, we’ve had the barrier on the pavement outside crumpled by a lorry.”

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Children crossing Bradford RoadChildren crossing Bradford Road (Image: Cllr Derek Walters)

These incidents have heightened concern and both the school and Box Parish Council have been pushing for a speed limit reduction to 30mph.

Cllr Derek Walters previously labelled the situation “bonkers” after conducting a survey in which many participants reported the road to be high risk.

After an assessment, the council confirmed they had applied to reduce the speed limit to 40mph but would not go any lower due to the Department of Transport Guidance.

This has left Mrs Parker frustrated as she believes this remains too high.

She added: “We’ve gone through the appropriate channels understanding the process, but we’ve got to the point where we still don’t think it’s fit for purpose and the speed limit is too fast.

“Not one person who lives or works here agrees with that, it’s perplexing and disappointing because it isn’t just about the school, it’s about the whole community.”

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Corsham Primary SchoolCorsham Primary School (Image: Cllr Derek Walters)

In response to these concerns, cabinet member for transport Cllr Caroline Thomas said: “We’ve been working through the Corsham LHFIG to address concerns over traffic speeds on Bradford Road, particularly near the rear entrance to Corsham Primary School. 

“To improve safety we’ve widened the pavement near the rear entrance by scrubbing out overgrown vegetation and discussed with the school the possibility of setting their perimeter fencing back to allow the pavement to be further widened.”

She added that the proposal to turn Bradford Road into a 40mph zone, from just North East of Leylands junction to Leafy Lane, is now under consultation.

Anyone wishing to comment on this plan is encouraged to do so via the council’s Traffic Regulation Order page.