A Wiltshire village’s most well-known couple have revealed they paid off the mortgage on their cottage with their TV earnings.

Gogglebox stars Giles Wood and Mary Killen, of Pewsey, shot to fame after appearing on the Channel 4 show eight years ago and have become much-loved regulars since then.

But despite insisting the pair live a “quiet life”, Giles recently told BBC Radio Scotland how the pair had spent their earnings since their rise to fame.

Speaking on The Afternoon Show podcast he said: “I think we were able to pay off the mortgage.

“I leave all the paperwork to Mary, because she’s more interested in the details of life.”

Giles added that the couple had “kept quiet, very quiet” about their earnings over the years which had allowed them to pay off their idyllic home.

Despite being regulars on TV screens across the country, Giles insists they live a “quiet life” and are still surprised when people recognise them in public.

In an excerpt from their new book, Country Life: A Story of Peaks and Troughs, Mary hinted that Pewsey’s most famous couple could be set to leave Wiltshire for London.

Despite living in the county for 30 years, Mary admitted she had been in “exile” during that time and was ready to head back to the capital.