A Wiltshire town centre could be set for a new 20mph speed limit to “increase pedestrian safety".

Wiltshire Council has tabled proposals to reduce the speed limit on a number of roads in the heart of Devizes, including the Market Place, creating new 20mph zones.

The plans cover the A360 from Northgate Street to Long Street, via The Market Place and St John's Street, as well as a range of other roads in and around the town centre.

The scheme has been supported by members of the town council during consultation, with councillors “pushing for a reduction” for some time.

Cllr Jonathan Hunter, of the Devizes Guardians, believes the change would have a positive impact on both road safety and air quality in the town centre.

“From a Guardians’ perspective, we’re really encouraged by this because it’s quite extensive and covers significant areas of the town centre.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: The Market Place, DevizesThe Market Place, Devizes (Image: Newsquest)

“It’s a really good thing because shaving off 10mph will have a huge impact on road safety and give pedestrians and road users extra confidence when they’re commuting around.

“There are also huge opportunities regarding air quality, it can have a positive impact on emissions, so the overall area would be safer and slower.”

Cllr Hunter also rejected any concerns that the proposals would increase congestion, adding that slowing the traffic in sync should alleviate any negative impact, and hopes future police enforcement will aid the potential transition.

Town Clerk Simon Fisher confirmed the council’s support for the initiative, claiming they had been appealing for a lowering of the speed limit.

He added: “For some time the town council has been pushing for a reduction in the speed limit within the town centre from 30mph to 20mph, which we feel will make being a pedestrian within the town centre much safer.

“The 20mph speed limit will run from the Brewery Corner up to Long Street, taking in Castle Lane, Wine Street and the High Street. It will also include Commercial Road and roads leading from it.”

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald:

A full list of the other affected roads can be found on the Wiltshire Council website.

The proposals will be subject to a public consultation, which has now opened, allowing locals to put forward their views.

Anyone wishing to comment can do so by completing an online form or contacting the Traffic Order Team by post or email, quoting the reference number LJB/TRO/DEVI20.

All comments must be sent before the consultation closes on September 18 and include the commenter’s name and address.