The dog was last spotted on Monday evening, but since then there has been no sign of her.

Bella, a brown and white German Pointer from Royal Wootton Bassett, went missing on Sunday when she was spooked while on a walk.

Since then, the town has come out in full force to find her, with police patrols and drones on the lookout.

Despite being sighted multiple times on Monday in Longleaze Road, Cloatley Crescent, Windmill Road and Noremarsh Road, Bella has still not returned home.

“There are a lot of people that are looking out for her,” said Josh Powell, Bella’s owner.

“Mine and my partner’s Facebook posts alone have amassed more than 3,000 shares between them. It’s quite something.

“I’ve tried literally everything I can possibly think of, and now I’m almost constantly looking at my phone, refreshing and waiting for updates,” the desperate owner added.

According to Mr Powell, hundreds of people have contacted him saying they are out and about either actively searching for Bella or keeping their eyes peeled for her.

The story has captured the hearts of Wootton Bassett locals and residents from surrounding areas, having brought the community together in a huge effort to find the dog.

“All I want to emphasise is that if she is seen, please call either myself or 101 rather than trying to capture or follow her," Mr Powell emphasised.

"She is easily scared and spooked, and I'm getting really worried now."