A Wiltshire takeaway owner has been left disappointed despite improving their food hygiene score from zero to three-out-of-five.

AJ’s Kebab Van, which is located at Hangar 88 of Hullavington Airfield between Chippenham and Malmesbury, was slapped with a zero-out-of-five hygiene rating after an inspection in March.

But the takeaway bounced back with an improved score of three-out-of-five during a follow up inspection on July 19.

Despite the improved rating, owner Mehmet Gunevakan has been left confused and angry by the results of the latest inspection.

“I don’t feel good about the result because they should’ve given me a five”, he said.

“They gave me a three but that is no good for me, I honestly don’t know why I’ve been given that score because all my equipment is brand new.

“All the customers who come here say that we do the best food, they all like us and nobody has ever complained or given us any trouble, they all think the hygiene is good.”

He claimed that the underwhelming score, on the back of a zero-out-of-five rating, has impacted his business and left him working under significant stress.

Mr Gunevakan added: “A lot of my customers have gone and it has left me very stressed because I’m really not getting very many now.”

He plans to take a holiday soon, in order to visit his unwell father in Turkey, but has pledged to secure a five-star review from inspectors at their next visit.

“I honestly don’t understand it, but I promise if they come and see me in a couple of months they’ll have to give me five-out-of-five”, he said.

Despite the disappointment of the staff at AJ’s, a raft of changes, which were introduced after the previous rating was handed out, have seen considerable progress.

Inspectors found that the management of food safety in the Kebab van was now at a “good” level while the handling of food and the cleanliness of the conditions were “generally satisfactory.”

Overall, a score of three-out-of-five indicates that standards at the takeaway are “generally satisfactory”, after their last inspection highlighted that “urgent improvement” was required.

Responding after the last inspection, Mr Gunevakan told this paper he had now solved issues with the business’s paperwork and storage facilities, which contributed to the low grade.

He added: “I bought a new freezer and a new fridge, they’re all new now and we’ve decorated as well.”