Police have issued a warning to any speeding motorcyclists ahead of a huge bike meet in Wiltshire.

The annual Calne Bike Meet will see thousands of bikers flock to the town on Saturday, July 28, and officers have urged them to respect the rules of the road.

In previous years residents along the A4 and A3102 have lodged multiple complaints about riders speeding through the area.

PCSO Mark Cook said: “Whilst we understand the vast majority of riders attending this event will be well behaved and ride responsibly, there unfortunately will always be a very small number of riders who may see the day as an opportunity to greatly exceed the speed limits on our roads.

“If you wish to ride fast, do it safely and visit a local racetrack.

“Police patrols will be in the area, please don’t spoil the day for yourself or others.”

Riders have also been reminded to respect organisers and park as appropriately as possible, after 4,000 people descended on Calne last year, especially near Station Road.

Bikes should not be left outside the Calne Fire Station, as this is an emergency service route, and attendees should also be mindful that emergency services may require access throughout the day.