The owners of a “hidden” Wiltshire cafe have been given a “huge boost” by the decision to allow them to serve alcohol.

Roy and Sylwia Meek took over Krumbz cafe in Marlborough late last year, reopening it this January, after the previous owner had been at the helm for 18 years.

As part of the couple’s plans for their “dream” new business, they applied for a premises license to sell alcohol, which was recently granted by Wiltshire Council.

Mr Meek says the decision has come as part of a larger revamp and has given the venue an advantage as they compete in a crowded local market.

He said: “We’ve revamped the whole shop on the inside, and we’re busy planning a revamp of the outside, but part of our strategy was to get an alcohol license approved.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: The revamped inside of the cafeThe revamped inside of the cafe (Image: Krumbz Cafe)

“Customers had been asking if we sold wine or beer for a long time, so we were driven to offer that extra service.

“The big change for us in the future will be to venture out into providing private bars for people.

“We’re in a town that’s got loads of quality coffee shops and restaurants so it’s a tough business… the alcohol license has really given us a massive boost.”

Krumbz cafe’s business hours will not change as a result of the new alcohol license, and the venue will continue to close at 6.30pm at the latest.

As well as their usual selection of food, including homemade breakfasts, sandwiches and cakes, the business will now sell a range of alcohol, such as Ramsbury gin.

The Meeks purchased the cafe in December last year, after Mrs Meek had worked in the venue for some time, and for them it was a “lifelong dream” come true.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald:

In the last half a year they have enjoyed a successful start to life as cafe owners despite being “hidden away” in Kennett Place.

Mr Meek added: “The opportunity arose, and it was right for us because we were previously involved, so we thought we’d take it on, and it’s been much busier than we thought.

“For us as a new venture we’ve got quite big boots to fill and that’s something that we pride ourselves on.

“We’re really busy at the moment so it’s about maintaining the same quality of food that’s going out to the customers.”

The Meeks, who have been living in Marlborough for eight years, also try to source ingredients locally and buy a portion of their produce from the market on the High Street.