Motorists have been left tackling floodwater after a Wiltshire road was submerged by days of heavy rain.

A large section of the A3102 at Westbrook, near Bromham, was pictured completely flooded by rainwater on Saturday, July 15.

The key route between Melksham and Calne is prone to flooding during heavy bouts of rain and became submerged in standing water after long periods of downpour on Friday and Saturday.

Drivers could be seen struggling to navigate the floodwater throughout parts of the day, causing issues for those using the main road.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald:

As well as heavy rain, strong winds have also plagued the county this weekend and caused chaos in Trowbridge.

Winds of up to 45mph struck the town, and blew over signs, barriers and even a temporary toilet at the Castle Street roadworks on Saturday.

The AA has issued guidance for those faced with standing water during storms and floods.

Where possible motorists should avoid driving through standing water and should not travel through moving water or water that is more than ten centimetres deep.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Damage caused by strong winds on Castle Street, TrowbridgeDamage caused by strong winds on Castle Street, Trowbridge (Image: Trevor Porter)

They added to move slowly through water and to test the vehicle’s brakes soon after.

Anyone who does get stuck in floodwater is advised to wait in their car and call for help rather than trying to exit the vehicle.