A Wiltshire family say they have been targeted by a gang of youths who have been “harassing” them for over a year.

A father of two, who has lived on Lickhill Road in Calne since 2008, claims that a group of around a dozen teenagers have repeatedly caused issues for him and his family over the past 15 months.

This began with games of knock and run, but has reportedly escalated into verbal abuse, eggs being thrown at property and cars, and damage to the house’s front door which was allegedly carried out by a boy kicking it.

The family, who have been kept anonymous say they feel 'fobbed off' by the police after no action was taken.

They provided doorbell footage which appears to show the door being struck by a teenage boy.

They claim the door was seriously damaged and cost them £1,700 to replace, while they also spent a further £1,300 installing metal railings and gates at the front of the property for protection.

One of the vicitms said: “It started off with normal kid stuff but it has escalated to trying to kick the door in, which is apparently a TikTok craze.

“Nothing has changed and they’re still doing it, they’re well known around here and have been throwing eggs at cars and properties in the area.

“It’s just not nice to be made to feel like this in your own home when and it comes to a point where enough is enough, I’m hoping for some justice.”

The family added that the group has previously stood outside the property shouting their surname and telling them to 'f*** off'.

Police confirmed they had been investigating the incident following a report of damage to property.

But the investigation was dropped after police were unable to meet the evidence threshold for a conviction, despite the victim claiming he provided officers with CCTV and doorbell footage of the incident.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: CCTV footage on the night of the incidentCCTV footage on the night of the incident (Image: Contributions)

A spokesperson for the force said: “An incident reportedly took place on the evening of February 25, 2023, in which the door of a property in Lickhill Road, Calne was damaged. 

“This incident has been reported to us but has since been closed due to the evidence threshold not being met.”

This development has left the family dissatisfied.

The father added: “To say we are unhappy is an understatement, why do we pay our taxes?

“I feel like I’ve been fobbed off and this is simply unacceptable however you look at it.”