Wilshire’s roads have been named the most haunted in the country after almost 60 reported “ghost sightings”.

 59 spooky sightings on the county’s highways have been reported to The Paranormal Database, which holds 20 years’ worth of supernatural reports from across the UK.

This was more than in any other county, according to analysis by Select Car Leasing, with Yorkshire, Dorset, Essex and Kent rounding out the top five.

The most disturbing of these reports came in 2014 on the A420 in Sevenhampton, near Swindon, when a driver pulled over outside a farm to make a phone call.

They were greeted by the sound of a “girl giggling in the darkness” and claim to have spotted a white shape in the wing and rear-view mirrors, which disappeared when they turned their head.

Author and radio host Darren Mann, who founded the database, said: “I am surprised Wiltshire came so high in the list as I only have 382 records for the county, which means 15.4 per cent of all my records for Wiltshire occur on the roads.

“Maybe the high number of prehistoric monuments or the wealth of folklore in the county contribute to the eerie experience of driving Wiltshire’s roads.”

The database holds over 14,000 records, including everything from ghosts and werewolves to UFOs and big cats.