Police have caught 18 drivers speeding while out in force monitoring a road locals have labelled a “death trap".

Speed enforcement officers were recently positioned outside community pub Silks on the Downs monitoring traffic along the A346 at Ogbourne St Andrew.

18 motorists were caught speeding, with the fastest vehicle recorded as travelling at 48mph on a stretch of road where the speed limit is 30mph.

15 of these drivers will be offered a speed awareness course while the remaining three face a fine and points on their license.

The safety of the A346 between Marlborough and Swindon has been a concern for many living in nearby Ogbourne St George, after a number of crashes between the two villages.

Police have warned that locals are concerned about the speed of some cars using the road and urged motorists to drive carefully.

A spokesperson for the force said: “The road links Marlborough to Swindon, and the M4, and is regularly used by pedestrians and dog walkers, who are concerned about the speed at which drivers use this stretch of road, along with the excess noise generated by the high speeds.

“Please slow down.”