Plans for the expansion of a Wiltshire equine clinic have caused a two-year row after neighbours branded the project “dangerous”.

The Dr Andre Buthe Equine Clinic, which provides veterinary care for the British dressage team, submitted plans to expand its site at Poulton Mill, Marlborough, in 2021.

This includes the construction of a 971 square metre multi-purpose barn and a new access point on Poulton Hill.

This caused fury among locals who fear a narrow access point on a blind bend will lead to accidents at Poulton Hill, where 73.6 per cent of motorists exceed the 30mph limit according to a recent speed survey.

Stephanie Watson, who lives next door to the site, said: “I’m concerned about access because I’ve seen accidents on this road with the speed cars come down here.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Speed surveys show motorists go faster than 30mph at Poulton Hill Speed surveys show motorists go faster than 30mph at Poulton Hill (Image: Newsquest)

“Now we’ll have big lorries turning in and out… it’s inappropriate for the area that we’re going to have something the size of Tesco plonked 20 yards from our back door.

“The application fails to establish a safe point of access.”

Eugenia Ephson, the clinic’s other neighbour, agreed: “The gate is only 25 metres from our main gate and would add an additional danger entering and exiting onto an already busy and fast road.

“This quiet hamlet will be destroyed forever.”

While residents labelled the plans “dangerous”, Wiltshire Council's highways department disagrees.

They said the development is “suitable due to the number of movements on the main road and the location of access being well within the change of speed limit.”

But there have been objections from the Environment Agency.

They oppose the plan because “flood risk” could be increased by the development while there are also concerns about pollution due to dung heaps near the River Og.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Residents are concerned the view up Poulton Hill from the access point will be obscured.Residents are concerned the view up Poulton Hill from the access point will be obscured. (Image: Newsquest)

Responding these claims, Mr Buthe said: “We need the facility to provide and improve our service.

“The traffic issues have been addressed by the highways department. I’ve been ensured that the technical details have been looked at and are all fine.

“The architect is going back and forth with the Environment Agency about the technical details, but most things are dealt with and there’s no risk of contamination as dung will be commercially disposed of.

“I want to build an environmentally friendly, carbon neutral practise, that is part of my passion.”

He has received backing from the town council and local equestrians, including eight horse owners who signed a joint letter supporting the construction of “an invaluable asset.”

Wiltshire Council is waiting for the objections to be resolved before proceeding.