A popular clothes store has returned to the High Street 18 years after seemingly closing for good.

Frock Follies was a staple of the Corsham's High Street for almost 15 years, after opening back in 1991.

The store bought and sold as new designer and high-end women’s clothes and accessories on a commission basis.

But owner Jenny Abbott closed the premises, seemingly for the final time, in 2005 due to the rise of online shopping.

“We had a really busy shop for 15 years but closed in 2005, mainly because of the rise of online shopping, and also I needed a break from it”, she said.

Frock Follies continued to trade online up until the pandemic, but this February Mrs Abbott decided to take the plunge and return to the town centre.

They can now once again be found on the High Street, between the iconic 400-year-old Flemish Weavers’ cottages.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: The new Frock Follies store.The new Frock Follies store. (Image: Frock Follies)

She said: “I wanted to be working again and I decided to go back because I do love it and you get to see people every day.

“People have been really pleased because they were upset when we closed and since the pandemic people are fed up with shopping online, so they want to come in for a chat.

“It’s nice to be back and there has been lots of interest from Bath, Bristol and all over so it is attracting more people to the town.”

The store will sell mistake buys and little worn women’s clothes for people and take a 50 per cent commission.

Mrs Abbott emphasised they will only take clothes that are “in very good condition, cleaned and pressed, and generally no more than two years old.”

This process is by appointment only and people interested in selling their clothes in the shop must email with a list of their items plus photographs.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Clothes at Frock Follies.Clothes at Frock Follies. (Image: Frock Follies)

Mrs Abbott then displays the items for a month, and if unsold they are either collected by the owner or donated to charity, meaning stock is refreshed monthly.

While the process remains similar to when she first ran the shop, Mrs Abbott revealed she has to adapt to changing fashion styles.

She added: “The shop is always busy because it’s a psychological thing, every woman has a mistake sitting in their wardrobe.

“But the market has changed drastically, the way people dress has changed, and we have to move with the market and keep a trendy, eclectic mix of styles.”

Frock Follies is open from Tuesday to Saturday between 10am and 4pm.