Calls are growing for access road off the A350 would end years of “traffic conflict" on the narrow lane that currently serves Chippenham Rugby Club.

The amateur rugby club claims the lack of an adequate access road to its base at Allington Fields is causing an “increasing risk of injury".

There is currently only one route in and out of the club, which sees motorists forced to navigate a 70-degree bend from Sheldon Corner into Frogwell Lane before travelling down a single track, unlit road with limited passing places.

A club spokesperson argued this is causing traffic chaos for both rugby club users and other motorists and pedestrians on Frogwell Lane.

They said: “The lane is currently the only way to access the club for cars, minibuses and coaches both arriving and leaving and so the lane regularly becomes gridlocked during busy times.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: The current entrance forces users down Frogwell Lane.The current entrance forces users down Frogwell Lane. (Image: Trevor Porter)

“Over recent years, Frogwell lane has seen a significant increase in use from walkers, cyclists and horse riders, who use the lane to access nearby countryside, resulting in an increasing risk of injury and traffic conflict.”

Cllr Nic Puntis, who has lent his support to the scheme, added the situation is “making it dangerous for the increased number of walkers along Frogwell Lane.”

The club views Wiltshire Council’s proposed dualling of West Cepen Way, which is expected to start in early 2024, as a “now or never opportunity to create a safe access into Allington Fields which will be lost once work is completed.”

They have proposed a left-in and left-out access route onto the A350 which would allow them to permanently close their current entry point.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Where the A350 meets Frogwell Lane.Where the A350 meets Frogwell Lane. (Image: Trevor Porter)

The club has approached the council to include this work in their dualling project, although the council told this paper planning permission and funding would need to be sought.

Cllr Caroline Thomas, cabinet member for transport, said: “Chippenham Rugby Club has previously approached the council regarding possible access to the club directly from the A350 and they were advised they would need to obtain planning permission and confirm funding.

“The rugby club will need to consider implications of a new access on the A350 as this is a key route linking the M4 to wider Wiltshire.

“If they are successful in obtaining planning permission and funding is available, we would be keen to coordinate the construction works with the proposed dualling of the A350.”

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: The council plan to widen the A350.The council plan to widen the A350. (Image: Trevor Porter)

The club’s proposal has reportedly received widespread support from locals, while councillors and MP Michelle Donelan have also backed the scheme.