Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has shared one easy-to-do curry recipe that costs just £1 per person.

The healthy eating advocate said the air fryer meal tastes "better than takeaway", sharing the dish on his Channel 4 show.

The exciting and cost-effective recipe was shared alongside several others on Jamie's £1 Wonders this week.

The dish, which is just £1 per portion, is a curry meal that was shared by Jamie Oliver alongside fellow chef Karan Gokani.

The curry recipe delighted fans and involved using one of the most popular cooking items in Britain.

Jamie Oliver and Karan Gokani's curry recipe that costs less than £1

Jamie Oliver shared a cauliflower curry and coconut and onion roti recipe that can be prepared in the air fryer with each portion costing 84p.

Karan presented the dish, saying: "A humble vegetable turned into something so different. Just elevated and naturally budget friendly. You've got a dish that you can make at home in less than half an hour at less than a quid a portion that's better than any takeaway you're going to get at a fraction of the price when you're feeding a whole family."

Jamie broke down the costs, adding: "If you want to cook up Karan's cauliflower curry, investing in some spices will help turn everyday ingredients into show-stopping meals.

"Serving four, this beautiful dish comes in at 84p per portion."

Karan Gokani's recipe can be found on Jamie Oliver's website.

Jamie Oliver fans praise Karan Gokani's £1 air fryer recipe 

One fan took to Twitter to reply to Jamie Oliver, saying: "Smashing it once again".

Others added the recipe to their dinner plans with one user adding: "We are definitely trying this one" while another said: "I will definitely be trying this!"

One fan posted a gif of the cartoon character Homer Simpson with the caption "I can taste it" before Jamie replied to it with another gif reading: "So good..."

Jamie Oliver's £1 Wonders airs on Channel 4 every Monday.