A proposal to increase costs for traders at at indoor market is “up in the air” after they demanded the town council put them on hold.

Devizes Town Council sent letters to traders operating at The Shambles, detailing significant increases to the rents for their stalls.

One source told this paper rates for some traders with stalls on market days was due to rise by almost 50 per cent, from £32 to £45.

But market manager Luke James claims any proposals have been put “on hold”, after disgruntled traders demanded a meeting with the town council to discuss the situation further.

He added that he could not comment further until these negotiations had been resolved.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: The inside of the Shambles.The inside of the Shambles. (Image: Newsquest)

One trader, who wished to remain anonymous, says stallholders have grown frustrated at the proposals and a perceived lack of investment in the historic building.

She said: “The traders are up in arms at the Shambles because some rents are almost going to double. We’re upset that there is no money for improving the market… how are they justifying it?

“There should be a tribunal or other body to settle what is fair”.

Town council figures show the building’s electricity bill will skyrocket to £34,000 over the financial year, which has prompted the increased rent.