A Wiltshire business was ordered to fork out thousands of pounds in unpaid wages which were deducted from their employees’ pay packets.

Four workers at Paranormal Electronics Ltd, a Swindon-based paranormal equipment firm, took the case to an employment tribunal in February.

Employment Judge Midgley found Paranormal Electronics “made unauthorised deductions from the claimants’ wages.”

He ruled they failed to pay wages due as salary and made unauthorised deductions, “purporting to be employee pension deductions but made no equivalent payment to the claimants’ pensions.”

Paranormal Electronics failed to respond to the allegations and was ordered to pay more than £4,000 in total.

Mr J Curtis was awarded the largest settlement, receiving £1,370.84.

In a statement on its website, Paranormal Electronics claims to have closed after being sold to new owners last year.

Update: A previous version of this article stated correctly that at the time of writing John Tanner was listed as a director of the company on Companies House.

After publishing Mr Tanner contacted the paper to say he had sold the company in April 2022, before deductions were made from employee wages.

Since then Companies House has been updated to reflect that he has resigned from his role as a director of Paranormal Electronics.

There are no active directors listed.