A Wiltshire family had no boiler for several months after moving into a "hazardous" GreenSquareAccord property needing repairs worth “£80,000”.

Haley Andrews and Ricky Hazell moved into the Corsham property, which was advertised as ready to let, with their two children in January, 2022, but were shocked to discover the house had 131 outstanding repairs.

Their move was delayed until March, but the family were left without a working boiler for a further two months and had no heating or hot water.

Ms Andrews, who suffers with several health conditions including an autoimmune disorder and fibromyalgia, said: “I had a breakdown when we first moved in.

“I had been ill since October, and I was going through hell. I couldn’t even hop in the shower and that made it more painful and uncomfortable.”

While the boiler was fixed, dozens of unresolved issues remain including asbestos under the floor and severe mould, which reportedly caused the family respiratory illnesses.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Certain rooms in the house were deemed so hazardous the family were warned to not enter.Certain rooms in the house were deemed so hazardous the family were warned to not enter. (Image: Haley Andrews)

Several letters have been written by doctors warning that these conditions may be contributing to or worsening Ms Andrews and Mr Hazell’s health problems.

One letter, from an occupational therapist, said: “Hayley is struggling to manage her long Covid symptoms as this appears to be impacted by her current housing and social situation.

“These conditions would exacerbate her symptoms and work is required to update this area.”

Ms Andrews added: “My son has had problems with recurring viruses and infections since we’ve been here because he can’t cope with the environment.

“We were told that parts of the house were hazardous and unsafe by Environmental Health but there is mould and damp everywhere.”

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Several dehumidifiers around the house fill up regularly.Several dehumidifiers around the house fill up regularly. (Image: Haley Andrews)

A surveyor, from GreenSquareAccord, allegedly told the pair £80,000 worth of repairs were needed and the house may be put up for auction because of its age and condition.

There have also been problems with the drains, and sewage has leaked onto the driveway three times.

A GreenSquareAccord spokesperson said: “The safety and wellbeing of our customers is our top priority, and the conditions Ms Andrews has been living in are not acceptable.

“We have apologised to Ms Andrews and agreed to pay her compensation.

“The conditions she was allowed to move into highlighted improvements we can make in how we manage our empty homes.

“This means any repairs should be identified prior to a property being signed off as ready. Repairs which involve a potential health and safety concern are prioritised.

“We are committed to working with Ms Andrews to put all the issues in her home right.”