A driver’s joyride across Stanley Park in the snow could prove devastating for grassroots football in Chippenham.

Paul Harvey, the head of leisure services for Chippenham Town Council, was stunned after CCTV cameras captured a car being driven across the ground in the snow at 2.20pm on Monday.

It's thought four of the five pitches have been damaged but the extent will not be known until the thaw.

Mr Harvey said it would have a long term impact on local football.

“We are almost over subscribed in pitch bookings so to take out four pitches could be hugely damaging to grassroots football.

“Depending on the severity of the damage, repairing the pitches could take anywhere from a month to around three months if a full renovation is required”.

The cameras recorded the car goining over the pitches for 10 minutes while another individual filmed the incident.

Mr Harvey said: “The ground staff here are a dedicated team that provide top class pitches for the local community. This could have a huge impact.

“For somebody to come and ruin a full season’s work is a real kick in the teeth for them”.

The incident has been reported and the CCTV footage has been sent to the police.