A Wiltshire mother of four has been left without a bathroom ceiling after developing asthma due to black mould in her GreenSquareAccord property.

Jaynie Wootton, who moved into the property on Forman Street in Calne seven years ago, had her bathroom ceiling removed on Monday, November 21 after asbestos was found in the plasterboard.

She was forced to ask a charity for tarpaulin to cover the room after the company didn't provide any insulation.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Mrs Wootton was provided a tarpaulin by a charityMrs Wootton was provided a tarpaulin by a charity (Image: Jaynie Wootton)

Mrs Wootton was fit and healthy when she moved in but claims she has developed asthma as a result of black mould in the house, which has only recently been treated, and that the cold in the bathroom has aggravated her condition.

She said: “It’s affecting my asthma… I can feel it and I’ve got to use my inhaler a lot more now.

“One of the bedrooms was covered in black mould after three months of living here and it all started going onto my son’s bed.

“I was constantly trying to scrub it and clean it and that’s what got into my lungs and triggered the asthma”.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Mrs Wootton says her health is suffering.Mrs Wootton says her health is suffering. (Image: Jaynie Wootton)

Mrs Wootton says that the damage caused by the black mould over several years has had a significant impact on her life.

She added: “I’m a very active person, I’m always on the go and I’ve never had asthma before in my life but now I run out of breath when I talk and it’s really frustrating.

“I walk my dog and I’ve got to use my inhalers all the time because I get short of breath. I don’t want to have to stop what I enjoy doing.

“We haven’t got mould anymore, but I’m still left with the asthma”.

Mrs Wootton says GreenSquareAccord informed her they did not have the resources to replace the ceiling until February 2023, although they have now brought this forward to December, and that they failed to provide any temporary cover.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: The ceiling was removed without warning.The ceiling was removed without warning. (Image: Jaynie Wootton)

A spokesperson for GreenSquareAccord said: “We are sorry to hear that Mrs Wootton and her family are having problems in their home. The wellbeing of our customers is our top priority.

“A member of our team recently attended Mrs Wootton’s home to deal with an asbestos issue. During the visit, mould was discovered which made it necessary to remove the bathroom ceiling.

“We will be returning to Mrs Wootton’s home as soon as possible to reinstate the ceiling and redecorate.

“We will confirm a date with Mrs Wootton next week for the work and we will offer a temporary heating solution if required.”

Community group The Calne Lions provided Mrs Wootton with a tarpaulin to insulate the room after she contacted Calne Town Council.