A Wiltshire mother whose daughters were taken by her estranged husband to Libya seven years ago has gone back to the High Court in London to ask judges to order their return to the UK.

Mohammed El Zubaidy could be jailed for a fifth time after refusing to obey court orders to return Tanya Borg’s two daughters, Angel El Zubaidy, 22, and her 11-year-old sister Maya, home to Pewsey.

Over the past five years, four judges have handed Mr El Zubaidy jail terms, of 12 months and two years, after concluding he had breached orders made during a High Court fight with his estranged wife and was in contempt of court.

Ms Borg, 43, on Friday complained a High Court hearing in London that he was still in breach of an order and asked a fifth judge to impose a fifth jail sentence.

Mr Justice Peel adjourned a hearing in the Family Division of the High Court, in London, to give Mr El Zubaidy, who lives in London, time to find lawyers.

He said the case was due to be reconsidered on Friday, December 16.

Mr El Zubaidy, 44, represented himself at the hearing but said nothing in response to Ms Borg’s latest allegation.

Ms Borg has been fighting to get Angel and Maya back to Britain since Mr El Zubaidy left them with his mother in Tripoli in 2015.

She took High Court action in London following her daughters’ disappearance and judges have imposed jail terms after concluding that Mr El Zubaidy had breached orders aimed at getting Miss El Zubaidy and her sister back to the UK.

Mr Justice Peel said Mr El Zubaidy had been given a 12-month term in 2017, separate jail terms of two years and 12 months in 2018, and another 12-month term in 2021.

He said Mr El Zubaidy had left prison earlier this year.

Judges have heard how Ms Borg and Mr El Zubaidy had met two decades ago.

Mr Justice Peel said Miss El Zubaidy had been classed as a “vulnerable adult” by another judge.

Ms Borg, 43, who is originally from Malta, said she does not wish to comment on the latest High Court action following Friday’s hearing.

The last time she saw her children was for three days during a trip to Tripoli in 2019.

Mr El Zubaidy took the two children “to meet their gran” during a visit to Tunisia in 2015, but then slipped over the border and left them with relatives in Libya seven years ago.

Ms Borg has been granted full custody of Angel and Maya in both Britain and Libya since they were taken in 2015 but is still no closer to getting her daughters back.

Mr El Zubaidy has previously told judges he does not know where the children are and cannot return them.

At a High Court hearing in November 2021, Ms Borg's lawyer said the girls and their grandmother disappeared after a Libyan judge ordered her to bring them to a court hearing.

Ms Borg has received support from Pewsey villagers, her local MP Danny Kruger and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in her battle to bring the girls home.

She has raised more than £6,000 through an online appeal and local activities in her fight to get her children returned from Tripoli.

But she says: “I probably used that up on the second time I went back to Libya. I have to pay for lawyers abroad.”

Ms Borg says she’s still in need of funds to pay for lawyers in her battle to bring them home to the UK.