One of Wiltshire's most recognisable breweries has unveiled its plan for a new brewery site.

People can now see what the brand-new Wadworth Brewery site having initially announced plans in November 2021 when they published their intention to move to a new modern brewing facility.

Since then, they have also been gathering feedback from the local community.

The new site is a five-minute drive from their current brewery on Folly Road in Devizes which is being worked on in preparation for opening from the middle to the end of 2023.

The idea is to make their work more sustainable in the new space, and keep catering to the changing beer market.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: What the new Wadworth Brewery site is set to look like when work is complete.What the new Wadworth Brewery site is set to look like when work is complete. (Image: Wadworth Brewery)

Some of the sustainable initiatives they will be implementing include using natural refrigerant gases in their refrigeration technology, reducing their reliance on local town water usage by using boreholes, reducing bulk tanker deliveries by generating food-grade nitrogen on-site and increasing their energy efficiency and reducing waste in the building.

A spokesperson for the business said: “The current brewery is too big, inefficient and inflexible for our needs moving forward.

“The new brewery will allow us to diversify our beer offer and in turn, support our pubs and customers more effectively. We will continue to brew our traditional ales including 6X, Horizon and Henry’s IPA alongside a new beer portfolio.

“We are passionate about working with partners who share our values and we are delighted that local family businesses, Gaiger and Dolman, are our building contractors and our building surveyors respectively. For all other trades, the majority of suppliers and contractors are also from the local area.

“We are also fully aware of our environmental responsibilities and the move to our new site gives us the opportunity to make significant changes to enhance our sustainability credentials.”

Wadworth Breweries dates all the way back to 1875 when Henry A Wadworth founded the business.

Wadworth outgrew its original brewery and moved to the new larger site – the present Northgate Brewery which they are only just leaving now.

The business has significant historical roots, as Wadworth was one of the first suppliers to the Army Canteen Board when World War I broke out in 1914.

World War II brought raw ingredient rationing resulting in their beer 6X reducing from 6 per cent abv to the 4.1 per cent it is today.

For any enquiries regarding Wadworth’s new site, you can email: