Wherever British soldiers are deployed there is a need for vital supplies to be ordered, stored and delivered to troops on the ground. For six months from September 07 to March this year, men and women from 9 Supply Regiment used their expertise to supply soldiers in Afghanistan with everything from buttons and bullets to artillery guns and tanks.

People are invited to a medal parade at Buckley Barracks, Hullavington, on Thursday 5 June at 1030 hrs when Operation HERRICK medals will be presented to soldiers from 9 Supply Regiment by Brigadier Angus Fay, the Commander of 101 Logistic Brigade.

The 250 soldiers were based across the whole of Helmand province, with the majority in Kandahar Airfield and Camp Bastion. Among their number were also drivers, chefs, clerks and vehicle mechanics who carried out their work in high temperatures at the end of the summer, through to the snows of winter and then flooding in the spring.