A large chunk of cash is being invested into making Devizes safer with security cameras after a spate of antisocial behaviour in the area.

A total of £30,000 is being put into new CCTV cameras as part of the Safer Streets funding initiative from the government.

After ten years of asking, a CCTV operations manager is finally able to set cameras up in one of the town’s crime hotspots.

The much-maligned Station Road car park as well as other areas will be under the microscope 24/7 when the cameras are rolled out.

CCTV manager Noel Woolrych said: “It’s caused a lot of bother to residents, but we are now finally hoping to do something about it.

“What we want to do with the Safer Streets funding is to cover the areas that we, at the moment, can’t.”

Looking ahead, Noel added: “With a rise in antisocial behaviour, it’s about addressing the root of it as well.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Noel Woolrych is keen to make Devizes saferNoel Woolrych is keen to make Devizes safer (Image: Newsquest)

“We know what the results are but we don’t actually know why it is happening.

“I used to teach kids like these and you have to meaningfully engage with it.”

Station Road car park is one of the areas of the town that has caused concern among residents.

An incident occurred in the car park on July 27 where a man was taken to hospital after being hit by a car in the area. He was left in a critical condition.

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Town clerk Simon Fisher stated: “We hope that this should be up and running by Christmas and it will be an important deterrent – as we recognise Devizes is already one of the safest places to live, but we want to keep it that way.”

In a recent musing shared by Devizes Town Council, Mr Fisher also noted: “I am sure we all share in the concern that low levels of anti-social behaviour are becoming more evident in our community, and whilst those engaging in it are relatively few, the impact on our community is disproportionate, and although it is not unreasonable to expect, dealing with it should be simple.

“Often rules most of us follow to ensure we are considerate to others in our community can be difficult to enforce if they are not followed, which can not only be frustrating for those who witness this behaviour, but also for the police who are expected to deal with it.

“To try and find a solution and look at how as a community we can support the police to deal with these issues, various agencies are to meet shortly to export some options.”