Readers have been writing in about Wiltshire's petrol prices.

Grant, in Marlborough wrote: "The most expensive is at Northgate rd Devizes, £119.9, sorry, £120.9, I mean £121.9, by the time you read this it will be much more!"

Tracey, Wilts said: "It's certainly not Deans in Marlborough!! His petrol was at £121.9 and diesel was £126.9."

The Gazette is conducting a survey about petrol prices in the county to discover where is the cheapest fuel in the area.

Let us know where you buy your fuel and how much you pay, and where the dearest is.

In next week's Gazette we'll be looking at the effect on families and businesses of rising fuel costs - and revealing the cheapest fill-ups.

How much is fuel in your area?