Hundreds of film fanatics descended on Lacock today for the filming of Sir Anthony Hopkins' new horror flick The Wolf Man.

With a production crew of nearly 300 people the usually tranquil National Trust village was turned into hectic film set.

Stars Benicio Del Toro (Traffic), Hugo Weaving (The Matrix) and Emily Blunt (The Devil Wears Prada) were all in the village filming at the Tithe Barn and an outbuilding next to the post office.

Many of the fans were disappointed that Sir Anthony Hopkins didn't turn up, which a production member blamed on a change of schedule.

Production member Matt Hamish said: "We have had a really good day of filming and actually got ahead of ourselves which never really happens.

"The public have been really good and done everything we asked them to do.

"Its a lovely place to shoot because everywhere you look there is something else that catches your eye and you want to use."

Much of the filming was shot inside the Tithe Barn where huge blocks of ice and models of dead bodies where strewn across the floor and hanging by metal hooks.

Mum of three Fiona Thaw, 34, had travelled up from Devon to see the filming.

She said: "We were really excited when we read about the filming because my youngest, Josh, really likes werewolves and mythical creatures.

"It has been a really interesting day and we have seen a few of the stars filming near the barn.

"The atmosphere was brilliant and everyone was talking and getting involved.

"We desperately wanted to come and see the Harry Potter filming in the summer but couldn't make it so this really made up for it.

"We cant wait for the film to come out at the cinema."

Elsewhere in the village, Emma Hands at the doomed Lacock Post Office had a day of roaring trade.

She said: "The rush just came suddenly upon us and nearly everyone in the production crew wanted sweets.

"We don't really mind all of the people as long as we know what is going on and where."

Dozens of extras dressed in Victorian clothes were also used in some of the exterior shots outside the barn with Benicio Tel Toro, who is also co-producing the film.

The Wolf Man is due for general release next year.