Two people have hospitalised after a crash on the Castle Combe Circuit.

They are currently receiving medical attention after the incident which took place on Saturday, September 3.

A video has been shared online showing the moment the crash took place, with a car rolling off the track.

The video shows a car that was racing around the circuit flipping over several times, looking battered, with smoke forming around it before rolling back onto all four wheels.

A spokesperson for the circuit said: “Please respect the privacy of those involved at this time, and we will supply further updates in due course.

“Thanks for your cooperation.”

They also added on a Facebook post in follow-up to the announcement.

They noted: “We have noticed a lot of fake accounts cloning ours that our sharing crash videos.

“Please be aware these are nothing to do with us.

“Our only TikTok account is @CastleCombe.”