A fraud incident is being investigated by Wiltshire Police after a fake banknote was used in a Marlborough shop.

Images have been released after someone bought an item using a fake Scottish £50 note.

The incident took place on August 2 at around 10:38am, where the suspect entered Bay Tree Home & Gift in Marlborough and asked the staff member to help him look for a gift for around £5.

They returned to the till with a candle worth £5.99 and the suspect paid with a Scottish £50 note.

It was later revealed to be counterfeit.

If you have any information or can identify the person in the images, you can contact 101 quoting reference 54220083459.

Wiltshire Police have also released the following is guidance for shopkeepers and business owners when handling cash:

• Always check the money you receive. If it doesn’t feel right then it might be a fake;

• Remember to check for detail in the watermark and for a silver strip on both sides of the note;

• Check for the sharpness of the notes ink as some counterfeit currency can appear blurred;

• Always check serial numbers. We have had fraudulent cases where a large number of bank notes are handed over with the same serial numbers – these are fake;

• If suspicious of a buyer, record details of the vehicle they arrived in and make the police aware of this;

• If you are suspicious of a buyer, we urge you to delay the sale and call us on 999.

If a transaction has gone ahead and you then realise the bank notes are fake, you can minimise the handling of the notes and call 101 so they can be recovered for examination.