Historic win by Lionesses should be recognised

I was very interested to read James Gray's letter concerning the magnificent win by our England women over Germany in the Euro Cup Final.

I watched and cheered them on all the way, in fact I watched England's Women International matches for decades and saw Jill Scott's first England appearance in 2006.

How wonderful that she's won such a medal all these years after, I always hoped to see such a day.

It was a truly historic win, it should have been honoured by Boris Johnson the current PM with an official reception at Downing Street but I suppose that he couldn't be bothered now that he will be giving up the day job in September and not now caring about anyone other than himself.

He should be ashamed of himself.

Yes, James Gray is correct after over half a century World Cup Win it shames the Tory Party by not granting them a reception, perhaps Liz Truss when she becomes PM will think to correct this, I doubt it somehow though.

Stuart Eels

Yatton Keynell


We'll get more of the same from next PM

After the botched coup, our lazy liar of a PM is still in office and his putative replacements are setting out their stalls in a protracted and unnecessary charade.

Neither of the remaining candidates is fit for office.

Firstly, they have failed as ministers. Secondly they are tainted by their association with Boris Johnson, possibly the worst and most corrupt prime minister we have ever had.

But now they are putting forward their bizarre and unrealistic policies to win the vote of the members of the Conservative party who are, as has been noted elsewhere, overwhelmingly white, middle aged and middle class, which is to say completely unrepresentative of the country as a whole.

These people are also gullible to a fault.

The members of the Conservative party who will choose our next Prime Minister, get their information and opinions from the right-wing press. The Daily Mail famously (and shamefully) supported Oswald Moseley's Blackshirts before the Second World War, and have done little to redeem themselves since. The Telegraph is staffed by people who wish that Margaret Thatcher was still in charge, or believe that she still is.

The rest of the right-wing press is no better. Their collective agenda means that Sunak has a very slim chance of winning the vote. I couldn't begin to guess why...

Sunak and Truss are engaged in a bidding war, promising ever more generous tax cuts and Lord knows what else to a bunch of entitled and unworldly idiots who will do, basically, what Rupert Murdoch tells them to do.

Both of the candidates are lying, every time they speak. But it doesn't matter; it's the new normal.

And besides, their target audience is already programmed.

Our next Prime Minister will be as unfit for office as the current one. We - the people who have no say in the election - are screwed.

Declan McSweeney

Victoria Road


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