Rishi Sunak has pledged to impose £10 fines for patients who miss GP and hospital appointments as part of a shake-up of the NHS.

It comes amid a huge amount of pressure on the health service, and at a time when people in Wiltshire are struggling to access GP appointments.

We wanted to know what your views are, and whether you think that it will work- so we asked our trust readers on Facebook.

Here's what you had to say about the issue:

Some people thought that there could be cases where it would be effective.

Heather Durbin said:"I think if someone has a genuine reason then they should be exempt but a lot of missed appointments can be fined."

Fay Yandell said: "In some cases I think it’ll work but others when elderly people have taxi issues or people have mental health issues and forget this could cause a lot of stress."

Will Ockleshaw added: "I actually agree with this.

"That said, if the appointment is cancelled by the patient or a representative of a patient to say they’re ill a fine should not be applied.

"It should only be applied to appointments that are missed, not cancelled."

Others were not so convinced by the prospect, though.

Paul Collins said: "It will be an administrative nightmare.

"It will cost more to Police than it will produce."

Lisa Blackburn added: "So if an elderly person who has waited 2 weeks for an appointment genuinely can’t get to it because they fall ill or their taxi doesn’t turn up, they are faced with a £10 bill?"

Lots of people also told us about the problems they are facing with booking an appointment to start off with.

Joe Menghini added: "Seeing as most missed appointments are down to the illness healing up in wait for the doctors appointment that the NHS couldn't schedule for three weeks, this is ridiculous!"

Sunak told the Sunday Telegraph: "If we have people who are not showing up and taking those slots away from people who need it, that's not right.

“I’m all for a healthcare system that's free at the point of use, but not one that's free at the point of misuse."