A local man has taken it upon himself to clean up a field in Malmesbury after travellers allegedly left behind "junk and human excrement".

Ben Thornbury, 17, has been helping keep Malmesbury clean for the past six years along with his neighbour Julie. 

"I have always wanted to keep the town clean and tidy," Ben said.

Over the summer, several travellers in campervans have been travelling around Wiltshire.

Ben told the Gazette and Herald that he found out that some travellers had left Malmesbury after having spent a few days on the Filands Estate.

"I decided to go up and see what was left behind and I was already told it was a bit of a mess, rubbish and nappies left over the field, which is regularly used by lots of walkers and kids who play in the park and lots of clubs congregate on the playing field," Ben said.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Ben spent a night cleaning up after travellers (Photo: Ben Thornbury)Ben spent a night cleaning up after travellers (Photo: Ben Thornbury)

He took 20 binbags with him as he biked to the area, which had been left in worse condition than he had expected.

"When I first arrived I saw bin bags scattered open with baking trays and all sorts inside and a small blow-up pool.

"And as I went into the bushes I could see human excrement which was left behind by them, which I cleared up."

He said added that he does not have anything against travellers, as long as they don't leave a mess in the area.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald:

He said: "Nothing surprises me nowadays as I have seen all sorts over the years. 

"I just had to make sure the kids' play park could be used again and they have a nice environment to play in!

"Yes, the council would have come the next day but considering I had nothing to do that evening I was like why not put my time to some good use."

Ben also said that one resident had spoken to the bin contractor for Wiltshire Council who said he picked up 30 bin bags and a washing machine from Filands and that was all on his own.

"So credit to him and the other residents who were out clearing up.

"Action is more important than words as I could have just complained but I didn’t."