Her ambition is to write a TV comedy series about her home town in Wiltshire.

But in the mean time, a writer and actor from Chippenham is facing a race against time to fund a show about life in the town at the world-famous Edinburgh Fringe.

Destiny by Florence Espeut-Nickless is the story of her teenage years on the Hill Rise estate, and was officially published this week (27th).

The show – a monologue - follows the story of Destiny, as her “life spirals out of control as she desperately tries to learn how to love and be loved.”

It is former Hardenhuish School pupil Florence’s debut play, and was shortlisted for Theatre West's Write On Women Award.

The 34-year-old has set up a crowdfunding website with the aim of bringing in the £19,000 she needs to fund her appearance at the Fringe next month.

She is going to put on the 60-minute show at the international festival anyway, but any money she raises will help reduce the amount she needs to borrow to fund accommodation, venue hire and travel.

The show is described as “a celebration of working class resilience, drive and determination, of fighting against our destiny and reaching for the stars!”

Florence has already taken the show on tour around the south west, and had a short run at a venue in London.

Among the reviews was one from Stage Talk magazine, which said: “It is a magnificent piece of acting and writing. Political and social theatre at its very best.”

Florence says she wants to inspire a new generation of working class artists.

She told the Gazette and Herald: “I grew up on a council estate in Chippenham where people aren’t doing these things. It’s not a normal thing. I feel proud – my schoolmates are really excited, it’s their story as much as mine. Chippenham is being put on the map.

“Teenage girls are reaching out to me now, but it’s difficult to break into the arts if you’re not white or not middle-class.”

Florence, who now lives in Bristol, is developing a pilot TV series called South West Side, and says there is interest from companies in the industry.

She might end up following in the footsteps of Daisy May Cooper, the no-nonsense actor behind the amazing success of another rural comedy, the Gloucestershire-based This Country.

Last Christmas, Florence was commissioned to write a Christmas production for Trowbridge Town Hall called Miracle on 34 Seymour Street.

The site is at https://crowdfund.edfringe.com/p/destiny