A brand new shop is set to add a dose of colour to the community in Marlborough over the coming weeks.

Sassy & Boo, an independent boutique clothing shop, is opening their latest shop near to Rick Steins.

Marlborough was chosen by Sassy & Boo as the place to be - matching the themes of the existing places they are already based in such as Bath and Cirencester, with picture-perfect buildings and a vibrant market town feel.

They were founded by Alison Townshead, who had ten years of working as an independent fashion retailer.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Founder, Alison. Photo: Sassy & Boo.Founder, Alison. Photo: Sassy & Boo.

She travelled to Italy to find the best yarns and textiles with the aim offfering people clothes using the highest quality cashmere blend yarn, and they’ve been thriving ever since.

The clothing brand Luella was also born out of Alison's personal experience of running her own boutique.

She listened to her customers and recognised a difficulty in finding them ‘fresh, flattering knitwear’, so set about bringing a design team together to create monthly collections.

The lates shop in Marlborough is planning to hold a ‘soft opening’ and then follow it up with an official open day, offering glasses of bubbly for people going along to celebrate.

One of the themes behind the shop’s clothes is to “use colour change people’s perspectives”, says Rebecca Ray, from Sassy & Boo.

“Wearing bright colours changes your perspective on the day. As women you can get so used to wearing dark, navy colours but we really try to bring those more vibrant colours to our clothes. We don’t always go with what might be the number one trend at that time- we tend to be a bit more thoughtful.”

“Marlborough has such a lovely vibe. There’s so much going on there, the restaurants are fabulous- the Parade is amazing. It’s a great placed to spend leisure time so it made sense to get set up there.

“Being on the high street is an absolute must for us.

“We tend to choose buildings that have that Cotswolds feel, and that Wiltshire feel. And our customer demographic is mainly women over 35, so it was the perfect spot for them to find us here.”

Sassy & Boo also stocks guest clothing, footwear, and accessory brands.

The shop can also be found in Bath, Bradford-on-Avon, Cirencester, Frome, Malmesbury, Tetbury, Woodstock or trading as their clothing brand- Luella in Winchcombe.